New Moon Law of Abundance

Written by EarthSpirit Metaphysical on June 08 2013

Today, Saturday June 8th 2013, marks the New Moon in Gemini. Traditionally the New Moon is seen as a time for new beginnings and planning for a fresh start. What better way to celebrate a new lease on life than with wealth and abundance?! It's also on the New Moon that many choose to carry out a mini-ritual called the "New Moon Abundance Check".

The Universal Bank

It's a simple ritual and one to mark new beginnings by filling out and cashing an Abundance Check at the Bank of the Universe! You can go all out if you like, burning green candles for prosperity and/or using wealth scents such as cinnamon, clove or basil. But at the bare minimum you'll need to print out the provided check image or create one of your own. And fill it out in the following manner within 24 hours of the New Moon:

New Moon Abundance Check

  • Pay to: your name
  • For the dollar amount write "Paid in Full"
  • Underneath your name, instead of a dollar amount write "Paid in Full"
  • Sign the check "The Law of Abundance"
  • There is no need to date the check
  • Take a moment to visualize the wealth and abundance coming into your life. Think of how happy you'll be to not have to worry about money and allow that feeling to infuse the check and the energy of the ritual.
  • Place the check somewhere that you won't see it and forget about it!
  • Allow the Universe to do it's job but not worrying about the How or Why of the forthcoming abundance.

Just remember that Abundance comes in many forms and doesn't always equate to money. You are probably not going to win the lottery. But maybe you are able to pay your bills for the month. Or a friend invites you to dinner and offers to pay. Maybe the "wealth" comes in the form of indispensable advice or wisdom on a certain subject. Whatever abundance comes into your life, be sure to express gratitude to the Universe to allow it to continue flowing!